International Women's Day

In celebration of International Women’s Day on Thursday 8 March 2018, we’ve collaborated with our IB authors Christian Bryan and William Tolley to produce a free resource guide to support your school’s activities.

The guide focuses on global perspectives of feminism and addresses:  

  • the typical issues women and girls are faced with in school and beyond

  • how schools can foster links with local initiatives or personalities who are dedicated to female empowerment.

Whether used as a springboard for a single assembly or at class level, this guide can be used by schools using any curriculum to bring this special day to life.

For IB programmes it will also allow teachers to make connections with their Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Individuals and Societies subject areas (especially Global Politics) as part of fostering international mindedness and inclusivity.

“The focus on the Geographical issues around the gender gap is great.  I will definitely mark 8 March in my calendar!”. - Drs. Maaike Kaandorp,  Subject Leader Individuals and Societies.

Next Steps

Download the International Women's Day guide.

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