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Seamless progression to GCSE (9–1) Spanish


Our market-leading course ¡Viva! Segunda Edición is packed with content your pupils will enjoy learning. With a strong cultural focus and a wide range of differentiated resources for all abilities, ¡Viva! opens the window to the Spanish-speaking world and offers a seamless progression to our ¡Viva! GCSE resources for both the Pearson Edexcel and AQA GCSE (9–1) Spanish qualifications.  

Authored by Rachel Hawkes, Christopher Lillington and Anneli McLachlan.

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What does ¡Viva! Segunda Edición offer? 

This new edition has a carefully planned Scheme of Work, rich cultural content and provides strong grammatical progression.

  • We’ve added more tasks to help pupils build skills towards GCSE: role plays, picture-based tasks, authentic and literary texts and translations.

  • Our new ¡Adelante! units pool and combine language from the module, helping pupils to produce higher level language.

  • Our new quiz-style ‘Repaso’ revision pages help prepare pupils for end-of-module assessments.

  • The Assessment Packs have been updated to prepare pupils for progression to GCSE with GCSE-style tasks across all skills and an increased focus on Grammar and Translation.

  • ¡Adelante! pages in the Workbooks and new skills worksheets in the front-of-class resources work seamlessly with the new content in the Pupil Book.

  • ¡Viva! Segunda Edición provides a seamless progression to our ¡Viva! GCSE resources for both the Pearson Edexcel and AQA GCSE (9–1) Spanish qualifications. 

What’s in ¡Viva! Segunda Edición?

Right from the start, ¡Viva! gives your pupils a real taste of Spanish culture, with print and digital resources that bring language learning to life, enabling pupils of all abilities to make progress. 

  • Pupil Books – supporting logical grammar progression and good Spanish pronunciation and spelling.

  • Workbooks – differentiated practice so ideal for homework or cover lessons.

  • ActiveBooks – online editions of the Pupil Books with access to audio.

  • ActiveLearn – boost engagement with digital front-of-class resources, homework activities and planning materials. Includes access to Teacher Guides and Assessment Packs.

  • Teacher Guides* – downloadable guides with fully customisable 5-year Schemes of Work to help you plan across key stages.

  • Audio* – digital audio files can be purchased separately, but also included in the ActiveBooks.

  • Assessment Packs*Downloadable Assessment Packs provide end of module and end of year tests for all four skills, plus Grammar and Translation, to help monitor pupils’ progress.

*Available to buy separately or included as part of ActiveLearn subscription

Course Guide

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