Pearson Baccalaureate Group 4: Sciences


Customer Reviews

Tran Chiem, IB Biology and Chemistry Teacher
Internationale Schule Frankfurt,
15 April 2015

Our school has been using the Pearson science textbooks for many years now, and the teachers here are always impressed with the high quality work produced by Pearson. These are full colour textbooks, with excellent visual content and challenging questions. They fully match the outcomes as prescribed by the IB organization.

Casie Bullock
New Zealand
15 April 2015

The book is thorough, well-organized and an appropriate reading level for IB students. The online version is convenient, but also rich with resources. I especially appreciate the quality of the practice questions, which are clearly modeled after IB exams, and the fact that they have worked solutions available. This has helped my students tremendously to work through problems on their own. The embedded videos are the one weak point. Most are too short and/or not explained well enough to enhance the written material. The book would also be better if it came with some teacher support materials like worksheets or chapter tests.

sara rodriguez, miss
Instituto Saudí,
24 April 2015

The ib biology pearson book is perfect for ib students. The contents match the syllabus completely and allows an easy understanding of them. The depth is adequate with just the right amount of details. The multiple choice questions and the end of topic questions are good to ensure the acquirement of contents. I particularly like how each subtopic begins with: understandings, applications and skills and guidance. I haven't seen this before in other books. This is excellent for revision to make sure that everything they need to know has been covered and that they dont waste time on things they are not expected to know. This makes their studying more efficient

James Hill, IB Chemistry teacher/Department Chair
Mira Loma High School,
United States
24 April 2015

I've used the Pearson publications as reference materials for my IB Chemistry class. The examples and questions that are presented are beneficial and help to clarify the topics. The books cover the IB curriculum in detail and would be a good choice for the classroom textbook.

Robin A
29 April 2015

The Pearson Biology book is a comprehensive text that allows students to work through real life problems and applications of the curriculum material.

Sofía Recalde, IB Chemistry SL / HL
Colegio Americano de Guayaquil,
1 May 2015

The IB Chemistry book is very student and teacher friendly. It is full of examples and great ideas to develop areas as TOK with the subject. The last part of the book that explains about the IA and extended essays are also very helpful and simple to understand.