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“Give a class ‘one’ book to write through and you’ve taught them for a day. Teach them how to use ‘any’ book and you’ve taught them for a lifetime.”

This piece originally appeared on the Literacy For Pleasure blog, which is written by the series creators of Power English: Writing, Ross Young and Phil Ferguson.

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It's widely recognised that getting the basics right in reading and writing early in a child’s life is critical for their future educational success. 

Reading, writing, communication and language are the key to unlocking deeper learning across the curriculum, and have been identified by the Department for Education in the UK and independent research bodies (such as the Education Endowment Foundation) as the number one priority for teaching and learning in Reception and Key Stage 1.

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S.F. Said and Michael Rosen talk about the importance of writing for pleasure.


What are the English hubs?

Recognising the success of the recent maths hubs as a way to disseminate pedagogy, and allow peer to peer learning, the UK government has committed £26m to set up a network of English hubs to enable high-performing schools to share their success with those who are struggling and ultimately raise standards.

Unlike the maths hubs, these won’t be focusing on mastery, but instead on the very earliest stages of a child’s education - the Reception years. With a focus on developing early language, vocabulary, literacy and phonics, the hubs will be tasked with closing the word gap and preparing all children for the demands of KS1 and formal schooling. Read more on the Pearson Primary blog ›


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