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What is Grammar and Spelling Bug?

How it works?

Your children will time travel from Aztec to Victorian times completing exciting practice games again and again, learning key skills at every step. There's a simple four step structure for Grammar and Spelling Bug.

  1. Assess your children's understanding
  2. Teach the objective
  3. Embed the learning
  4. Assess children's progress

Explore how Grammar and Spelling Bug works

What makes Grammar and Spelling Bug so special? Written by Literacy Advisers, Lindsay Pickton and Christine Chen, who have years of experience of leading best practice in teaching grammar, punctuation and spelling to primary school children in the UK, Grammar and Spelling Bug gives you all you need to teach grammar, spelling and punctuation effectively.

  • Hundreds of engaging practice games which children will want to return to again and again.
  • Writing activities support children in applying their grammatical knowledge to their composition.
  • Games set in historical periods will ensure that children will love practising the passive voice in Tudor times, or expanding on noun phrases in Ancient China.
  • Flexible teaching guidance that will inspire all children to master grammar, punctuation and spelling, which fits around your existing approach to literacy. Video tutorials bring spelling and grammar rules to life.
  • Assessment which enables you to plan for each child’s next steps and builds children’s confidence in testing scenarios. Instant feedback provides children with the support to progress independently.

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