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How does it work?

Bug Club Comprehension is built on a robust approach to help every child master deeper comprehension skills.

Research tells us that a talk-based approach is key to successful teaching and learning, which is why rich and meaningful discussion is at the heart of Bug Club Comprehension. Developed with comprehension expert Dr. Wayne Tennent (University of East London, UK), it’s built on a proven ‘three question’ approach, where three core questions form the basis of all comprehension.

Read Wayne Tennent's research into Guided Reading. We used this pedagogy at the heart of Bug Club Comprehension.

Comprehension strategies

We know that every time a child (or adult) reads, they consciously or subconsciously use comprehension strategies to understand the text. In Bug Club Comprehension, we build on this foundation by focusing on the teaching of eight core strategies for comprehension. These comprehension strategies give children a comprehension skills “toolkit”, which they can apply to anything they read in order to understand it.

Vocabulary is essential

A key principle of Bug Club Comprehension is that vocabulary is essential to a deep understanding. We know that regardless of decoding or comprehension ability, children can’t understand a text if they don’t know what the words mean. Which is why every week of teaching in Bug Club Comprehension has time dedicated to removing barriers to comprehension caused by vocabulary.

Inclusion for all

Because decoding ability and comprehension ability don’t progress equally, Bug Club Comprehension works on the principle that all children should access the same text regardless of their decoding ability. For this reason, it centres around one text for the whole class - the differentiation comes in how the text is accessed, for example audio eBook, independent read, paired read, read to by a teaching assistant. 


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