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Free Samples


Click on the icons below to download unit sample PDFs from Year 7, 8 and 9 Student Books.

Key features to look out for in the Student Books, include:

  • fascinating facts and examples so students can connect what they're learning to the real world
  • questions that begin familiarising students with GCSE-style command words
  • spreads mapped against relevant specifications, so you can be sure you're covering the right content
  • clear learning objectives in the 'I can...' sections at the end of each spread
  • 'STEM' spreads which connect the topic to STEM skills and possible future careers.

Year 7 Unit 7A

Cells, tissues, organs and systems

Year 7 Unit 7E

Mixtures and separation

Year 8 Unit 8I


Year 9 Unit 9E

Making materials


Click below to see a full list of contents for each Student Book, including topics organised into Biology, Chemistry and Physics units.


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