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Power English: Writing -  the creative writing scheme to help your children grow their skills and write for pleasure

The writing approach to help your children write for pleasure and meet age related expectations.

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What is Power English: Writing?

A new, dynamic and evidence-based writing approach which is genre-focused and encourages children to write for pleasure.

Children are taught the process of writing which they then apply to deliver both creative and technically accurate pieces of writing.

Power English: Writing will make every child in your class a writer.



What’s in it?

Power English: Writing is a structured writing approach which follows a proven pedagogical cycle. It covers Key Stage 2, and includes materials to produce at least nine class writing projects per year.

  • A comprehensive bank of mini-lessons allows you to flex teaching to meet the needs of your class
  • Resources, including Lesson Plans, Genre Booklets and Writing Tips & Tricks Cards
  • All embedded in an online interactive planning tool 

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Power English Writing year 3, year 4, year 5



Power English Writing year 5, year 6

How it works

Created to deliver the English national curriculum and to build a culture of writing for pleasure in your school, Power English: Writing gives you flexible planning supported by high quality resources.

The interactive planner allows you to fit writing projects into your English planning in a way that matches your children's needs.


With clear lesson plans and pedagogy, improving attainment in writing has never been so stress free!

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Who are the series creators?

Phil Ferguson and Ross Young are national and writing representatives for the UKLA (United Kingdom Literacy Association). They are both committed writer-teachers: teachers who write and writers who teach.

Ross Young author

Ross Young

"I am a primary school teacher of ten years’ experience. When I was young, I didn’t realise that the written word were for me to use or enjoy. I was never told I was a writer."

"I want the children in my class to have a different experience."

Phil Ferguson author

Phil Ferguson

"I have worked in both the maintained and the independent sectors as SENCO and Deputy Head.

"I had a drive to write from a very early age. It’s my ambition for every child to gain as much pleasure and empowerment from writing as I did."


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