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Welcome to the next level of science education

Elevate Science is a comprehensive science program for Grades K-8 that focuses on active, student-centered learning. The blended print and digital curriculum engages students in phenomena-based inquiry, three-dimensional learning, and hands-on investigations. Elevate Science builds students’ critical thinking, questioning, and collaboration skills. It fuels interest in STEM and creative problem solving while supporting literacy development.

Take Science to the next level with a science program that supports the Next Generation Science Standards. 

What makes Elevate Science so special?

  • Combines phenomenal-based inquiry, three dimensional-learning and a hands-on approach for a modern approach to Science

  • Real-world, relevant, and interesting topics introduce the core science ideas.

  • Problem-based learning promotes application and student understanding.

  • STEM activities fuel innovation, problem solving, collaboration, and reasoning—skills for future careers.

  • Every topic targets a critical literacy skill, such as using evidence from texts to make well-defended claims.

  • Integrates 5E learning in a new CISD Instructional Model (Connect, Investigate, Synthesize, Demonstrate) and provides an instructional plan designed for today’s blended learning environment.

  • Formative and summative assessments help teachers to monitor and assess student performance.

  • As students progress into Middle School, Elevate Science offers 12 individual modules that span grades 6-8 and cover 100% of the NGSS Middle Grade Performance Expectations.

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