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Andrew Parry from King Harold Academy, UK is already using the Progression Service in a number of subjects.

"The added benefit is that we've got clear assessments that link in with what we're already doing so we know ourselves that the data we're getting is accurate."
- Andrew Parry, Senior Deputy, King Harold Academy, UK

'We've found that by using 1-12, we are able to narrow down some of our marks and grades so that our students can see whether they sit at the top end or the bottom end of that grade. If other subjects use it too, we will have consistency."
- Hayley Piper, Head of History, King Harold Academy, UK

"By using the same approach across the school, progress in other subjects is being measured and tracked using the same system which makes comparing and contrasting the progress of pupils across subjects more reliable."
- Andrew Scott, Head of Maths, King Harold Academy, UK


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