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The Power Maths teaching model

Power Maths is structured to help you teach concepts for longer and to go deeper. For each year group, the UK curriculum strands have been broken down into core concepts. These are taught in blocks of lessons so you can give sufficient time to developing a deep and sustainable understanding of core maths concepts. Each concept has also been broken down into small steps (lessons). Each lesson and concept builds on prior knowledge to help children build a robust and deep understanding of the concept before moving on.

Power Maths cleverly combines:

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High quality textbooks (and recommended by the UK Department for Education). The powerful lesson structure of Power Maths comes to life through the textbooks. They provide a coherent structure through the UK curriculum and set out the core learning objectives for the whole class.

Power Maths Practice Books

Practice Books

The Practice Books provide just the right amount of intelligent practice for children to complete independently in the final section of the lesson.


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Teacher Guides

The Teacher Guides provide expert support for your day-to-day teaching, and offer opportunities for you to develop your subject knowledge, and to reflect and continue your professional development.


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Online toolkit

The online toolkit contains all the digital resources you need to support your whole-class teaching. A subscription to Power Maths gives you access to: online versions of the textbooks, teaching tools, 'Power Up!' activities, strengthen and deepen activities, subject knowledge videos - and much more.


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Progress Tests and Assessment Tools

The half-termly and end of year SATs-style tests support you to reliably track your children’s progress against Age Related Expectations every step of the way, whilst allowing you to confidently identify any misconceptions using our diagnostic assessment tools.  Read more here

Professional Development

Power Maths takes a continuous approach to teacher support and professional development, particularly in terms of developing subject knowledge and managing the whole-class teaching for mastery approach. Contact your local Pearson representative to find out more.



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