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Our Progression Maps are editable documents that cover the whole of Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

They break down all the content and skills into progress descriptors and map them to the Progression Scale.

Map Example


Strands and Topics

Each area of the curriculum is broken down into strands and then further broken down again into topics.

Strands and Topics


Progress Descriptor

Each topic has been assigned its own progress descriptor, which outlines the learning expectation (e.g. skills and knowledge required).

The progress descriptors are further supported in two ways. They are linked to:

  • any prerequisite knowledge required in order to master the skills or process listed in the progress descriptor
  • booster opportunities to extend and deepen learning and understanding

progress descriptor




This very granular breakdown of learning is then aligned to a Step on the Pearson Progression Scale.




The Maps enable teachers to provide detailed feedback to students on their progress, as well as to identify potential next steps in learning. This includes identifying blockers to progress and booster opportunities.

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