Bug Club Comprehension


Inspire your children and develop their reading comprehension

Bug Club Comprehension is a fresh new approach that helps every child master deep comprehension. It uses a powerful and proven talk-based, mastery approach to help your children develop a deeper understanding of texts and prepare them, regardless of decoding ability, for the higher expectations of the UK Primary curriculum.

Deepen your children’s understanding and comprehension with guided reading books that children would recommend themselves.*

Find out what makes Bug Club Comprehension so special.

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Bug Club

Bug Club combines printed books with interactive eBooks and a unique learning platform which is proven to make 30 months of progress in reading in just 18 months.

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Phonics Bug

Phonics Bug is where it all begins and provides a firm foundation in phonics - it's fast-paced so your children start to read after learning just eight phonemes.

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Grammar and Spelling Bug

Online games and guidance for getting to grips with grammar and spelling. Helps you deliver the higher expectations of the UK primary curriculum and ensures all children are engaged.


* Results after 18 months from an independent study carried out by leading academics from UCL Institute of Education (IOE), in partnership with the Pearson UK Research Team. Research was conducted with KS1 children, with findings on progression based on pupils being ahead of the control group. Read about the study.


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