Math Makes Sense

Math Makes Sense

Math Makes Sense promotes student understanding through a manageable and easy-to-use program with unparalleled teacher support. The program is available in two versions written for Canadian schools: 


Addison Wesley Math Makes Sense K-8 (Ontario edition)
Written to match the Ontario Curriculum.


Pearson Math Makes Sense K-9 (WNCP edition)
Written to match the WNCP curriculum and used in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.


Math Makes Sense provides all learners with the opportunity to learn mathematics in ways that are meaningful to them. It recognises many learning styles and offers guidance to teachers as they plan for individual student differences. 

  • Helps develop conceptual mathematical understanding with opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences in which they explore concepts in a rich mathematical context.
  • Encourages learners to demonstrate conceptual understanding by communicating and modeling their reasoning and connecting a new concept or strategy to other contexts they have seen before.
  • Provides opportunities to develop mathematical concepts through problem solving.
  • Supports teachers with the program methodology and pedagogy.
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