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What are the anchor standards? And what does text-based comprehension look like in your classroom? Common Core 101 will be your guide in answering these and other questions on your path to Common Core expertise. Annotated lessons, a glossary of Common Core terminology, and professional development articles on a wealth of topics will propel you to the top of the class.

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Designed around Content Knowledge

The Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition 2016 Student Book contains authentic literature, vocabulary, comprehension, research, grammar and writing instruction. It’s also available online via our new learning platform, Realize.  The program provides awarding-winning literature at every grade level, a collection of leveled readers, and a new component, Sleuth magazine. The unique thing about our literature is that students will read widely and deeply among a broad range of increasingly complex texts about a central topic. You will also find content knowledge surrounding Science and Social Studies topics. 

Download an example of the cross-content nonfiction students will encounter with Reading Street.



Complex Text Accessible to All Students

Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition 2016 makes complex text accessible to all students through scaffolding the instruction and by starting with bite-sized chunks. One of the ways it does this is through the new resource called Sleuth. In magazine format, Sleuth’s purposeful design makes it simpler to teach students the routine to analyze complex text in a shorter passage and then they can transfer that skill to longer text. It’s great for teaching students how to ‘close read’ in bite-size pieces. 


Connect Reading and Writing

Daily and weekly writing tasks prompts students to use text based evidence to support their writing. The writing tasks are scaffolded for students and moves from construction of sentences, to paragraphs to essays that direct students to use text evidence for writing across several texts.

Writing to Sources asks students to dig deeper and write with text based evidence: students will write to a text, compare texts, and write across texts using all three modes of writing.

Take a look at our writing brochure here to learn more about writing resources in Reading Street. 


Writing Process


Simple and thorough assessment

Instruction in Reading Street Common Core, Global Edition 2016 is based on diagnostic and formative assessment.  Yearly baseline tests find out what students know to inform instruction for the year.  A benchmark test is available for each unit. Weekly tests assess mastery of skill and strategies taught each week. Performance assessment is available each week with the Sleuth instruction and a performance assessment is also provided for each unit. Plus, all of the assessment can be done online and results are tracked toward mastery by skill and standard, for individuals and across classes.


Assessment weekly


Explicit and Effective Phonics Instruction

Reading Street Common Core provides sequential, cumulative instruction and practice opportunities for the full range of foundational skills. Phonics instruction in Reading Street Common Core was inspired and informed by the work of early learning experts: Sharon Vaughn, Connie Juel, Edward Kame’enui and Deborah Simmons.

Click here to learn more from our Phonics Brochure.


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