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Joanna Thomas and Keely Rogers, IB History teachers and co-authors of our latest History 2nd Editions for Paper 2, outline the key changes to the new IB's History course and how the books provide support for both Diploma teachers and students.

IB Diploma History 2015 - what's changing?

The latest history IB course contains some exciting changes, we thought you might like a quick summary of what has changed. The major change was the fact that there is no longer a Route 1 and a Route 2; the history curriculum is now one course.

This new combined course gives teachers the option to choose from a broad selection of topics - many of which were new - from medieval, early modern and modern history, developing an interesting and cohesive course.

It is not a requirement to teach across different time periods, but it is necessary, to teach cross-regional studies. For Paper 1 in this new curriculum, each topic has two case studies each from a different region. This allows students to explore two different regions and to look for similarities and differences between the two case studies.

In Paper 2, there is no material for detailed study and any relevant case study can be taught, although suggestions are made. There is more of an emphasis on the key concepts in History, causation, change, continuity, consequence, significance and perspective, and a conceptual or thematic approach to the topic material. Each topic only has two questions in the examination.

How will the new Pearson Baccalaureate History textbooks provide support for the new curriculum?

The latest books in the series help with all of the changes mentioned above. The Paper 2 books, for example, contain detailed material on case studies from different regions, conceptual approach to the material and comparative studies.

Importantly, they offer lots of practice and examiner advice on how to approach and write your Paper 2 essays in line with the new curriculum. They also include plenty of activities to develop the various Approaches to Learning (ATLs) - communication, research, thinking, social and self-management skills.

Key concepts are identified at the start of each chapter and students are encouraged to develop International-mindedness in other activities.


Both titles are available as print and eText versions. Contact your local Pearson representative for more information.

The Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries 2nd Edition

Textbook + eText: 9781447982364
eText only: 9781447982371


Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars thumbnail

Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars 2nd Edition

Textbook + eText: 9781447984153
eText only: 9781447984160

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