Edexcel GCSE English Language (9-1)

Edexcel GCSE English Language (9-1)


The Let's Think in English pedagogy

Our new teaching and learning service for Edexcel GCSE (9–1) English Language includes six exclusive LTE lessons, with the planning, guidance and resources you need to teach them.

Let’s Think in English is a teaching programme created by Laurie Smith and Michael Walsh for King’s College London  to help students develop the response and analysis skills necessary for success in English. The programme has been trialled by 100+ schools over five years and proven to work with students of all abilities.

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This can lead to higher results in written examinations as well as in speaking and listening. Read more here.

The Grammar for Writing pedagogy

The Grammar for Writing pedagogy provides an exciting, evidence-based approach to improving writing and reading progress at KS3 and KS4 through contextualised grammar teaching – that’s why it underpins our brand-new teaching and learning service to help you tackle this critical need.

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In 2012, Professor Myhill and her team at the University of Exeter published the findings of a three-year study into the impact of contextualised grammar teaching – a pedagogy
developed at the University of Exeter now called Grammar for Writing. In the study, KS3 students exposed to this pedagogy made almost double the rate of progress in writing.

More recently, Professor Myhill and her team carried out a new study at KS4, and the intervention had a statistically significant positive impact on students’ reading as well as writing, specifically with language analysis, sentence structure, punctuation and spelling.