ActiveLearn Primary

Powering Primary Classrooms

ActiveLearn Primary is an online learning world where you will find all our online teaching and learning services. For teachers, it’s a giant repository of teaching material, with in-depth planning, assessment and reporting built in. For children, it’s where they log in from the classroom and home to find allocated books, games and activities – and earn rewards as they go. Features include:

  • iPad compatible
  • A great new child-centred pupil world
  • Brilliant new pupil rewards
  • Improved Reporting & Allocation
  • A single login for all your ActiveLearn Primary services

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Where it all comes together

The Bug Club family, Abacus, Wordsmith, Rapid, Science Bug and Progress & Assess are now available on one website with a single log-in. This means less admin, fewer forgotten passwords and easy access!


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iPad Compatible

All programmes on ActiveLearn Primary are iPad compatible so you and your children can access them on the go. Children can read their favourite Bug Club book at home, play an Abacus maths game on the bus, or spend their rewards in the RaceWorld at the end of the day.

Parents find it easy to support their child’s learning - not only is it easier for their children to learn on their iPad, parents can also check their children’s progress on the go and access tips and hints.



A great new child-centered pupil world

Children love the new fun select-your-own pupil homepages which change at each key stage and their ‘My Stuff’ area where they can see the resources allocated to them and receive feedback on their activities.


Brilliant new pupil rewards

Gone are the old ‘there and then’ single rewards - in ActiveLearn Primary children can choose rewards from the familiar Treehouse and Game Zone, as well as the Skate Shack, Race World and Sticker Factory. They can spend them straight away or save them up to spend when they want.



Reporting and allocation

ActiveLearn is a powerful tool that helps you assess, track and report on pupils’ progress. The new assessment toolkit is fully integrated with Bug Club, Abacus and Science Bug but is also perfect for using alongside any of your existing resources for maths and reading.




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