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30 minutes to 1 hour of Language Central a day puts English language development front and center, so students can confidently say, “I’m learning English.”

How will I find time for ELD?

Time is always an issue. Language Central provides 30 minutes PLUS of instruction each day. The lessons are highly flexible to adapt to classroom or individual needs. Language Central maximizes your time with core instruction, optional lessons, and no extraneous content! See our flexible weekly lesson plan.

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Pearson Support for Empowering ELLs

Pearson has a portfolio of accessible research-based support for English language learners and the educators working with them. Pearson’s ELL support prepares them for success in school and in today's global marketplace.

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What is reclassification?

“Reclassification is seen as the point at which we can safely say that a lack of English proficiency and/or skills in academic English are no longer an inhibiting factor or an obstacle in a student’s continued academic progress.”

Jill Kerper Mora, Ed.D.

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