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The Pearson Global Schools Catalogue App has been created so that you can download and keep all our resources catalogues in one place! You can flick through them, bookmark, share and make notes on them, but from the comfort of your own device. What’s more, when we make an update to the catalogues, or add new product brochures, your app will be automatically updated!

The app is completely FREE. All you need to do is visit the App Store or Google Play and download it today!

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Save time - browse in one place

The publications we upload to the App, will be stored in an easy to navigate library shelf for you.

This means you have them all in one place, on or offline – no need for individual download.


Easy to navigate and flick through

Our catalogues will open up like a real magazine, allowing you flick through pages, bookmark and make notes, share with colleagues, and more.

As new products become available, we will also update the App with new product brochures, so you always have the latest material at your finger tips!