Pearson Baccalaureate Group 5: Mathematics

Pearson Baccalaureate Group 5: Mathematics


Ibrahim Wazir

Ibrahim Wazir taught Mathematics at Vienna International School, the American International School in Vienna and at Webster University, Vienna. He has been an IB Mathematics Assistant Examiner, Chief Examiner and a member of the Curriculum Committee. He has also run IB workshops for new and experienced teachers. Ibrahim founded the International Schools Math Teachers Foundation (ISMTF) and inScholastics, an organisation that runs workshops for students and teachers in Vienna. 

Tim Garry

Tim Garry has taught Mathematics from middle school to university since 1984 and has been Head of Maths at three international schools. He has been an IB examiner for external and internal assessment, a contributor to IB curriculum reviews, a workshop leader, a member of the HL Mathematics exam writing team and he also edits an IB Maths website for teachers. Tim frequently delivers workshops and conference presentations and has coauthored with Ibrahim two previous editions of Mathematics SL and HL textbooks. He currently teachers at the International School of Aberdeen, Scotland.

JIm Nakamoto

Jim Nakamoto is a experienced, retired IB teacher and active teacher-trainer in IB Mathematics with over 20 years experience of working with the International Baccalaureate as a senior moderator, workshop leader and examiner. 

Kevin Frederick

Kevin Frederick teaches high school mathematics at the American International School in Vienna. He worked as a computer programmer before becoming an educator in 2003. His desire is to see technology make the same advances in math education that it has in the fields of science and mathematics. Kevin has taught in Thailand, Slovakia, Israel and Austria.

Stephen Lumb

Byran Landman