Pearson Baccalaureate Group 3: Individuals & Societies

Pearson Baccalaureate Group 3: Individuals & Societies


New: History Paper 3

Our two latest titles offer specific support for Paper 3 of the 2015 History curriculum. Each textbook provides comprehensive coverage of the appropriate topics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to successfully answer essay questions on Paper Three. Written and developed by experienced IB teachers, who also have experience in examining and leading workshops, these new books will help students prepare thoroughly and methodically for their exams.

  • European States in the inter-war years 1918-1939 Online sample chaptes now available
  • The Cold War and the Americas 1945-1981 Online sample chaptes now available

Each of our history textbook is supported by an enhanced eText, giving four years access to online materials such as worksheets, quizzes and enlarged source material to develop examination skills and extend studying.

Four new and revised titles providing comprehensive coverage of the most popular history topics for the 2015 Group 3 curriculum. Each title provides coverage of the appropriate topics, equipping students with the knowledge and skills needed to answer essay questions on Paper One and Two.

Free, interactive and downloadable resources to accompany our History titles can be found in the ‘Free Resources’ in the left hand navigation.

  • Cold War: Superpower tensions and rivalries
  • Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars
  • Authoritarian States
  • The Move to Global War

Each textbook provides:

  • A clear overview and analysis of key events.
  • Practice in analysing source material, including photographs, cartoons, letters, speeches and other documents.
  • Support throughout for new curriculum features, including key concepts, ATL, and international mindedness.
  • Approaches to learning highlighted in each activity throughout the book.
  • Focus on the examination requirements, with 'hints for success' throughout, as well as quizzes on the eText.
  • Theory of Knowledge section, matching the latest syllabus, and questions throughout to help with wider research and discussion.

Rewriting the course of History - authors of the latest Pearson Baccalaureate History 2nd Editions for Paper 2 outline the key changes to the latest History course and how the new books provide support for both Diploma teachers and students. Read article... 


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