Pearson Baccalaureate Group 2: Language Acquisition


Pearson Baccalaureate Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature

Here you will find our resources for the Group 2 subjects of the International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme. Written by expert IB teachers, examiners and curriculum specialists to provide comprehensive coverage of the latest syllabi and additional material online.

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Customer Reviews

Cynthia Payton, French teacher
United States
24 April 2015

Overall I liked the book and felt it was useful for IB exam prep. I liked that the format and style mimicked that of the actual IB exam. Since my district is using it as a main text, I would have liked a workbook or something in order to assign homework assignments. I make my own power points to review vocab and grammar, so vocab lists of at least 40 words per chapter would have been useful. I didn’t find the supplementary worksheets to be very helpful. It would have been nice to have had tests for each chapter, preferably a combination of questions, multiple choice, and fill-in the blank(NOT essays), over the vocab, grammar, and content of the articles. Making all my own tests was very time consuming.

Sandra Camacho, Spanish IB Teacher
Lincoln College Preparatory Academy,
United States
24 April 2015

The Pearson IB curriculum for Spanish has been very helpful. The hard copy book and e-book is available for all my students and myself. The book is organized into all the topics that must be covered during the two years of IB Spanish. They have very current information and texts. They have IB practice questions, oral and writing activities. I use the texts all the time and it has helped me organize my lessons for IB and design a more current curriculum in my classroom.

Théo Bonetti, Mr
St George's Cologne,
24 April 2015

Français B is a very complete book that I have enjoyed using this year. The articles are great and can be added to other authentic extracts from the news. The exercises are well designed and often offer the chance for pupils to access more advanced vocabulary. I shall reuse it again next year!

Angel Vilchez, Mr
Raffles World Academy,
United Arab Emirates
25 April 2015

This complete book for advanced French students offers the best current innovations in language teaching as well as a communicative approach. This book focuses on the spoken language and on the functional view of language; the topics in the book stress on culture taken broadly to include other francophone countries as well as France, there is a wide use of authentic material throughout the text. The carefully planned progression from skill-getting to skill activities and a mature treatment of francophone culture inmerses the student in more than just the French language. the text and its complete set of supplementary resources help students develop listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills by exposing them to authentic, contemporary French language and culture and encouraging them to express themselves on a variety of topics.