KS3 Maths Progress (2014)

KS3 Maths Progress (2014)

ActiveLearn Digital Service

Our ActiveLearn Digital Service combines front-of-class teaching resources with online homework and practice, as well as planning and assessment materials. The service has been developed alongside our Student Books to give one coherent approach. It also comes with full customer support throughout the subscription to ensure you and your students get the most out of the course.

  • Helps you make the most of your classroom time with high-quality interactive front-of-class resources and useful assessment materials.
  • Enables learners to track their progress and get instant feedback on their work with online homework, practice and support.
  • Easy-to-use teacher planning materials including lesson plans which can be edited and customised to your needs

Contains: Front-of-Class Teaching Resources (including all Pi, Theta and Delta ActiveBooks), Teacher Planning Materials, Progression and Assessment Materials and Homework Practice and Support.

To place an order for ActiveLearn Digital Service and ActiveBooks:

Step 1 Identify which tier your school size matches: Small school (fewer than 100 pupils), Medium school (101-300 pupils), Large school (301-500 pupils), Extra large school (501-999 pupils), Super school (1000+ pupils).

Step 2 Choose the ISBNs you want access to (see below).

Step 3 Complete the international digital subscription order form and send this with your order via your usual ordering method.


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Product Name
price: £618.00
isbn10: 1292138564
isbn13: 9781292138565
price: £824.00
isbn10: 1292138572
isbn13: 9781292138572
price: £1029.75
isbn10: 1292138580
isbn13: 9781292138589
price: £1236.00
isbn10: 1292138599
isbn13: 9781292138596
price: £1442.00
isbn10: 1292138602
isbn13: 9781292138602

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