KS3 Maths Progress (2014)

KS3 Maths Progress (2014)

Student Books

Differentiated materials catering for students of all abilities 

KS3 Maths Progress enables the best progression route with our tiered resources, mastery unit approach and clearly structured lessons. The scheme is structured around 3 tiers to provide smooth progression for students of all abilities. In order to support teachers in moving over to the new 2014 KS3 National Curriculum, the content is mapped back to previous national curriculum levels for teacher reference in the Teacher Guides.

For guidance purposes:

  • Pi - Tier 1 for lower attainers  (closest match is levels 3-5)
  • Theta -Tier 2 for middle attainers (closest match is levels 4-6)
  • Delta - Tier 3 for higher attainers (closest match is levels 5-8+)


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