Meet the authors


Dr. Jim Cummins

Jim Cummins is a professor at the University of Toronto and Canada Research Chair in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning. Renowned for his research in literacy development in multilingual school contexts, Dr. Cummins has played a major role in developing English Language Learners teaching approaches for Pearson programs.

In recent years, he has been working actively with teachers to identify ways of increasing the literacy engagement of learners in multilingual school contexts.


Jana Echevarria, PH.D.

Dr. Echevarria is a professor at Emerita California State University, Long Beach, has taught in special education, English as a Second Language and bilingual programs. She has lived in Taiwan and Mexico where she taught ESL and second language acquisition courses at the university level, as well as in Spain where she conducted research on instructional programs for immigrant students.

Dr. Echevarría is an internationally known expert on second language learners and her research and publications focus on effective instruction for English learners, including those with learning disabilities. Selected publications include the books, Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP® Model and Sheltered Content Instruction: Teaching Students With Diverse Abilities, both published by Pearson. The SIOP® Model of instruction is used widely in all 50 states and a number of countries.

She currently is a Fulbright Specialist and Co-Principal Investigator with the Center for Research on the Educational Achievement and Teaching of English Language Learners (CREATE) funded by the U.S. Department of Education. In 2005, Dr. Echevarría was selected as Outstanding Professor at CSULB.


Else Hamayan, Ph.D.

Else Hamayan is currently a special consultant to Illinois Research Center in Des Plaines, Illinois, which she directed until recently. She has helped teachers in schools across the nation and internationally with issues of second language learning, dual language instruction, special education, culture learning and biliteracy. She has also helped administrators in program development, particularly in dual language schools.

Dr. Hamayan taught English as a foreign language in Lebanon, conducted research and consulted with refugee programs and state boards of education. Most recently she co-authored Dual Language Instruction: A Handbook for Enriched Education and co-edited English Language Learners at School: A Guide for Administrators. Her latest publication is as co-author of Special Education Considerations for English Language Learners.