Language Central for Math

Language Central for Math

Language Central for Math supports English language learners with academic vocabulary necessary to master math. Oftentimes it’s the math vocabulary, not the mathematical concepts, that hinder student mastery. Language Central for Math is designed to directly address this issue and reinforce the core instruction given in the math classroom.

Authors Dr. Jim Cummins and the team of ELL instructors from Fitchburg Public Schools created Language Central for Math around the Five Principles for Teaching English Language Learners. These principles support the needs of ELLs throughout the text:


1. Explicitly states content and language objectives in each lesson/module.

2. Lesson opener activities connect to and assess prior knowledge.

3. Hands-on activities utilize multiple modes of instruction: visual, verbal, aural, kinesthetic.

4. Pair and group work enable practice with all language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

5. Students express understanding through language production and reflect on effective learning.


As a result, Language Central for Math provides students with lessons that focus on language development presented in multiple learning styles—hands-on, visual, and verbal.


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