Reading Street

Reading Street

Digital Learning

With Scott Foresman Reading Street, all instruction is accessible digitally so you can teach reading the way students learn – visually, interactively and digitally.

For Teachers:

  • Reading Street Online Digital Path License – provides access to all digital components including: eTexts, interactive activities and games, interactive whiteboard capabilities, and planning and assessment functions for easy and effective teaching and classroom management.
  • Reading Street Online Digital Path Assets DVD-ROM – contains video and animation from the Digital Path online program.
  • Teacher Resource DVD-ROM – contains Reading Street Teacher Resources in digital format. Also available online.
  • Examview® Assessment Suite CD-ROM – create, customize, print end-of-year benchmark tests, analyze results and prescribe activities using Reading Street resources.

For Students:

  • Reading Street Readers CD-ROM – provides weekly readers, connected to the core content, in electronic format to build background, scaffold comprehension and promote fluency.
  • AudioText CDs – complete narration of the Student Edition allows access for all learners, ideal for English language learners, struggling readers and auditory learners.
  • Background Building Audio CDs – engaging interviews, songs and primary source recordings.
  • Sing with Me Audio CDs – amazing words and songs increase learner’s comprehension.
  • Phonics Songs and Rhymes Audio CD – helps introduce and practice weekly phonics skills and phonemic awareness.
  • Modeled Pronunciation Audio CD – Models correct pronunciation of all 70 sounds in English.
  • Grammar Jammars Apps – fun and appealing to children and great for home learning. Download today.

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