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Resources for the new primary curriculum

We're particularly proud to introduce our two most recent additions to the Pearson Primary family, Abacus and Wordsmith. Both have been crafted by expert teams specifically for the new primary maths and english programmes of study, and 21st century kids.

Abacus and Wordsmith have joined an already top-notch collection of resources, including the highly acclaimed Bug Club, and Spelling and Grammar Bug, both of which are also perfect fits for the new curriculum.


Abacus LogoAbacus

A unique maths toolkit written for the new curriculum; Abacus has carefully crafted on a robust approach to creating inspired and confident young mathematicians.

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Science Bug logoScience Bug

A new and exciting hands-on science programme designed for today’s curious kids! Written by an expert author team, it will help you spark imagination, fuel curiosity and nurture inspired and confident young scientists.

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Worsmith logoWordsmith

A whole-school approach to English with reading for pleasure at its core and grammar skills seamlessly woven throughout.

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BugClubLogoBug Club

A personalised reading world for 21st century children - perfectly matched to the aims of the new curriculum.

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SPAG LogoGrammar and Spelling Bug

Gives you all the tools you need to deliver the grammar and spelling requirements of the new Primary English curriculum.

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