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Features and Benefits

A student-friendly approach: Pearson Physics appeals to students by connecting to their lives with real-world applications, concept development tools, and motivating applications to engage and motivate students.

  • The Big Idea feature emphasizes the central concept of the chapter.
  • Key Questions in each lesson call out important concepts and highlight their answers in the discussion.
  • Example problems build reasoning and problem-solving skills.
  • Quick Examples offer simple and concise solutions that model how newly introduced equations and units are used.
  • Conceptual Examples pose a thought-provoking question and then explain the logical reasoning and physics concepts needed to answer it.
  • Active Examples ask students to take an active role in solving the problem by thinking through the logic described on the left and verifying their answers on the right.
  • Guided Examples   present a visual model of the physical situation and outline the key concepts that apply to it before proceeding to the detailed step-by-step solution.
  • Relevant connections that tie abstract concepts to everyday experiences and modern technologies.
  • Physics & You features throughout the book explain the physics behind interesting technologies, the impact of technology on society, and the role of physics in various careers.
  • Physics & You: Technology passages in the discussion explain how various modern technologies make use of the physics concepts just learned.
  • Rich lab explorations and study support that allow students to practice and reinforce essential skills.
  • Physics Labs are traditional single-page lab activities that use easy to obtain materials.
  • Short, simple, and interesting Inquiry Labs open each chapter and offer a chance to explore some of the chapter’s fundamental concepts.
  • Math HELP boxes in example problems guide students to extra math support material contained in the Math Review chapter.
  • Connecting Ideas features the important concepts from lesson to lesson and chapter to chapter, helping students see the bigger picture.
  • Unmatched digital support: MasteringPhysics with Pearson eText is the most effective and widely used online tutorial, homework, and assessment system that engages students and teachers—anytime, anywhere.