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The evidence-based approach to accelerating progress in writing

Skills for Writing embeds the principles of the Grammar for Writing pedagogy - trialled and proven to accelerate the rate of writing progress significantly.

  • Accelerate progress in writing with this new solution based on a proven-to-work pedagogy, improving writing performance for a clear route to KS4 success.
  • Teach grammar in a contextualised way, always focusing on effects achieved, so students have a wider range of techniques with which to craft creative, effective texts. This is not just another grammar course.
  • Provide engaging and interactive lessons - explore the Student Books on screen and the many digital resources focused on building grammatical knowledge and improving writing
  • Motivate your students to write independently - encourage students to reflect on their writing and understand how to improve with our range of auto-marked activities.

Watch Debra Myhill talk about the Grammar for Writing pedagogy

Watch Debrra Myhill talk about research into weaker writers

Watch this short video for an introduction to Skills for Writing

Our ActiveLearn Digital Service is now available. It combines front-of-class teaching resources and planning materials with homework and practice to assist teachers and improve learner outcomes. Find out more here


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