Year 5 & 6

We know classes come in all different shapes and sizes so we offer a variety of ways to buy Wordsmith that suit differing budget needs.

All of the online subscriptions are priced according to school size. Please note that a school with multiple sites will need to purchase a subscription for each site.

For your correct ISBN choose your school category below.

  • Category A School (Small school) – 0-100 pupils
  • Category B School (Medium school) – 101–300 pupils
  • Category C School (Large school) – 301–500 pupils
  • Category D School (Extra large school) – 501-999 pupils
  • Category E School (Super school) - 1000+
Please note, Wordsmith is not available for sale in the Philippines. 


Program Components

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price: £103.13
isbn10: 0435161229
isbn13: 9780435161224
price: £206.04
isbn10: 0435161210
isbn13: 9780435161217
price: £309.16
isbn10: 0435161202
isbn13: 9780435161200
price: £412.08
isbn10: 0435161199
isbn13: 9780435161194
price: £515.00
isbn10: 0435161237
isbn13: 9780435161231

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