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Would you like to have over 10,000 curriculum-matched maths resources at your fingertips?

We believe you know what your students need to master the UK maths curriculum better than anyone else - that’s why we have created Abacus - the complete maths toolkit which gives you freedom when you want it and structure when you need it.

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What makes Abacus so special?

  • A flexible online toolkit that puts you in control, with over 10,000 resources, activities, plans and assessment tools.
  • An online world for children filled with lively and exciting maths games and rewards that your digital-savvy kids will love.
  • Textbooks and workbooks for independent practice, designed to capture children’s interest and inspire a genuine love of maths.
  • Progress and Assess tests (incl. end-of-year tests), and clever assessment tools to track children’s attainment and their progress towards Age Related Expectations.
  • Mastery checkpoint workbooks that support the online mastery checkpoints activities and include space for children to make notes, write their answers and show their workings.
  • Professional Development videos to nurture your confidence in teaching for mastery. 

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Customer Reviews

Andrew Lowery, Assistant Head Teacher
Tenby International School, Ipoh,
24 March 2015

There are some great features to the product, especially the online games and comprehensive long-term, medium-term and daily planning. However, there are a variety of irritations which cause issues in class: - a lot of the textbook tasks are poorly explained, counter-intuitive and/or repetitive. - the differentiation for the extension group often fails to match the learning objective. - there are a number of errors in the answer sheets - Y6 summer term planning has still not been released, 3 weeks before it is due to be taught. - the online games are time-consuming to reallocate and manage. An option for a student-paced system (like Khan Academy) would be preferable. It's close to being an excellent scheme, but the devil is in the details.

responded to this review
Hi Andrew, Thanks so much for taking the time to contact us. Because Abacus is a service, it develops in line with your feedback so it's really useful to hear from you. If there are any specific textbook pages, extension tasks or resource sheets that you are referring to please let us know by submitting your feedback through ActiveLearn Primary (there is a feedback button in the top right-hand corner of the platform). That way we can investigate these resources with our author team. The Abacus service currently contains over 10000 resources (with many being flexible and having lots of screens). All of the resources are proofread 3-4 times so there really shouldn't be errors once they are put live to the site but I'm afraid that on occasion these do occur. In relation to Year 6, we did prioritise releasing the planning Years 1-5 (because the majority of schools in England needed these resources for the new national curriculum). You'll be pleased to know that all of the summer term planning is now available in ActiveLearn Primary. Kind regards, The Global Schools Team

Jagath Ranasinghe, ABACUS makes Teaching made easier
Srilankan school Muscat,
25 March 2015

For a long time we have been thinking of new strategies to be used in Mathematics teaching curriculum.The great work done by Abacus should really be appreciated.How my students enjoy with abacus homework assignments when they are free ,really I can not explained in words.Usually I send abacus assignments to my students every Thursdays for the following week.One day I got late to send due to some work.The following week I felt very sad that one of my students told me that she waited till 11 O clock in night for abacus assignments.This shows a true image of the interest that is created in Students mind.So I feel this abacus tool kit is very useful for all the teachers for their students.Apart from that Most of the time I use abacus teaching aids for teaching some topics in interesting way.Function Machine is really great.Through that I could teach many topics such as addition,subtraction,multiplication and division not only for whole numbers even for decimals in more interesting way.Apart from that all my students think of a dream of getting more and more point while playing the game. Through this they learn with encouragement.Practicing in the given time helps their mind to develop their mental capacity.... This is just few examples and simple experience of mine to share with you all.So I congratulate abacus team for this successful work ....... If you can make teaching aids for other lessons also like function machine that will be grateful.because some of the teaching aids are little short timed.If you arrange them at least for 40 to 45 minutes it would be beneficial more ,I feel.... anyway.... Thanks abacus team for your great work..... wish you forever........

Passent Eissa, Head of Key Stage 2
Egypt British International School,
1 April 2015

Having worked with a different Numeracy scheme for the last few years, as a school, Abacus was simple and comprehensive enough to switch to. The online platform has been found to be well-structured and clear by our teachers, allowing teachers to access resources and plan effectively. Even the little helpful resources, such as certificates, bookmarks and posters are skillfully well-designed and time-saving. Planning is creative and gives confidence to teachers as everything needed is just there. The plans offer a variety of starter activities and driving test questions,which enable previous topics to be revisited and assessed continuously, providing continuity in their learning. The homework activities have been extremely motivating for the students, where each student has their own account and homework is differentiated to personalise the learning. This certainly makes homework sensational; students want to do the homework over and over again to maximise their rewards online. Perhaps the rewarding system for Year 6 can be more geared towards their age. We would like to see more homework on the site; photocopiables would be fine in that respect. This will give the student more practise at home. Students are now achieving very high marks in their assessments, which means the new scheme is working. Thank you for providing such an all-round scheme!

Sampath Tennakoon, Teacher-KS 2
Sri Lankan School Muscat,
3 April 2015

Abacus Textbooks... The textbook is a primary guide to implementing the curriculum. Consequently, Project 2061 began its evaluation of mathematics textbooks with basic propositions: First, good textbooks can play a central role in improving mathematics education for all students. Second, the quality of mathematics textbooks should be judged mainly on their effectiveness in helping students to achieve important mathematics learning goals for which there is a broad national consensus. I feel that Abacus achieves above propositions as well as fails in some occasions. It is challenging for some students to solve THINK questions, but many students find themselves in exercises that are repetitious and non-challenging. There are some errors occurs on some occasions in the textbooks and answer book. I'll submit my feedback through ActiveLearn Primary. Abacus Toolkit... Students are more interested in the interactive games and activities and for teachers interactive whiteboard, assessments, lesson plans and photocopiable are more helpful. It is great to work with Abacus toolkit where teachers, students and parents all are benefited.