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How does Abacus work?

"Abacus is a toolkit developed by local experts and current practitioners for UK teachers. It contains high quality resources and tools for teachers and children, which develop in-depth understanding and playful enjoyment - both key to helping children reason mathematically. These materials are proven to enable all children to develop mastery and to succeed in maths." - Professor Ruth Merttens, Abacus Series Editor

Three key principles underpinning Abacus

  • Understanding - that children need a robust understanding and secure foundation in maths to develop:
    • conceptual understanding
    • numerical fluency
    • problem-solving skills and
    • mathematical confidence. 
  • Progression - to ensure every child can move on, Abacus is built on a series of detailed progression ladders. These form the backbone to Abacus.
  • Control - We never forget that teachers are the experts when it comes to knowing their class. So we've built Abacus to give you flexibility - offering structure when you want it, and freedom when you choose it.