Abacus - for the new UK maths primary curriculum

Abacus - for the new UK maths primary curriculum

Professional Development

Abacus Course

The Abacus Professional Development Course offers demonstrations, hands-on activities, and strategies to maximize the Abacus Toolkit and resources. The course provides an overview of the new UK curriculum, and shows how Abacus provides the appropriate structure, flexibility, and resources for teachers and learners.

Participants will:

  • develop and demonstrate their competence to teach the new UK curriculum using Abacus.
  • use the Abacus Teacher Toolkit to plan, teach, and engage learners and assess their progress.
  • understand the progression of skills learners need to master, and how to use Abacus to ensure that learners have a sound foundation in the prerequisites for each new maths strategy introduced.
  • develop a plan for implementation of Abacus at their school. 

Target Audience: All primary school staff adopting the Abacus service.

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