Mastering with Abacus

1. Developing fluency Five Minute

  • Fillers, Quick Maths and Fluency Fitness activities help reinforce key skills and keep number facts ‘on the boil’.
  • Textbooks and workbooks provide opportunities for children to use the maths facts they have learned.

2. Developing Problem Solving and Reasoning skillsAbacus Girl

  • Problem-solving and reasoning games and activities stimulate children’s imaginations and challenge them to explain and apply their knowledge to solve contextual problems.

3. Models and images

  • Teaching tools, including a NEW bar modelling tool, embed a consistent and developmental approach to use of models and images.
  • ‘Grab’ icons in Workbooks and Textbooks indicate key manipulables for children to use to support their learning.
  • Key models and images are shared between textbooks and digital teaching tools to help children see maths visually and explore mathematical patterns.

4. Teaching for mastery

  • NEW mastery support with CPD videos and expert advice.
  • NEW Teaching for Mastery with Abacus half day Professional Development course - coming soon.

5. Mastery with greater depth

  • ‘Think’ questions in textbooks and workbooks encourage children to explore concepts in greater depth.
  • Links to rich mathematical tasks from NRICH deepen children's understanding and provide opportunities for mastery with greater depth.

6. Intelligent practice

  • NEW homework worksheets provide opportunities for variation and challenge.
  • Quality pupil textbooks draw on key models and images used consistently throughout the programme.

7. Assessing mastery and speedy intervention

  • NEW ‘mastery checkpoints’ at key points over the course of the year help you assess mastery of objectives and mastery with greater depth. They include suggested next steps to address any problem areas before children move on.
  • Girl JumpingIntegrated assessment tools, resources and tests help you build a well-rounded picture of children’s progress and attainment.

8. Keeping the class together

  • Planning tool provides structure for whole class teaching and guided activities focused on a specific concept.
  • Links to NRICH activities ensure all the children in your class achieve a deep enough understanding to reason and problem solve.
  • Online resource finder allows you to access resources to teach an objective for longer if needed.
  • Prerequisite tool assists speedy intervention by providing materials to address misconceptions and consolidate prior learning.

How does Abacus help you ensure mastery of skills

Teaching for Mastery with Abacus

Abacus supports you to teach for mastery by giving you the control, flexibility, and resources you need to ensure every child can achieve the deep and lasting understanding of maths required to meet Age Related Expectations.

It puts you firmly in the driving seat and accommodates flexibility in planning so that you can give children as long as they need on a concept before moving them on