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What are the Common Core State Standards?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS), introduced in 2010, is a US state driven initiative to raise educational expectations, primarily in literacy and math. Their main objective is to ensure students leave school prepared for further education and an increasingly globalized workforce.

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The CCSS for literacy aims to move students through increasingly complex texts and to foster close reading, preparing them for further education and professional careers. 

Programs to support you.

Scott Foresman Reading Street Common Core Banner

Aligned to CCSS for literacy, a comprehensive reading program that is packed full of teaching support and nurtures a love of reading. Read more about Reading Street Common Core Global Edition 2016.

myPerspectives English Languaage Arts banner

An english language arts program for high school that puts learners at the heart of the program, encouraging them to take ownership of their learning. Read more about myPerspectives English Languaage Arts



The CCSS for mathematics were designed to equip learners with a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and knowledge so they can go beyond just answering questions and can explain the rationale behind their thinking.

Programs to support you

enVisionmath 2.0 banner

A comprehensive mathematics program providing the focus, coherence and rigor of the CCSS for math. Visual learning and personalization options empowers every teacher and student. Read more about enVisionmath.



Similar to the CCSS, the Next Generation Science Standards are a collaborative effort by state and science leaders in the US to raise science expectations. 

Programs to support you

Interactive Ccience banner

The 2016 update of this popular science program aligns to the NGSS and offers an engaging, hands-on learning experience for students. Read more about Interactive Science.

Miller and Levine Biology banner

A global bestseller, this high school science program allows you to communicate your love of science in a way that will interest and engage students. Read more about Miller and Levine Biology.


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