Learning Journeys 2nd Edition

Learning Journeys 2nd Edition


Learning Journeys Second Edition now extends from Pre-K through to Grade 6. It integrates Reading, Language Arts and Science and utilizes print, CD, DVD, and digital resources to help teachers deliver the right skills at the right time. It is a highly attractive and motivating program that will help students explore, reflect and discover a rich world of knowledge. The program is built around the Understanding by Design* (UbD) framework. The goal of the UbD framework is to develop a deep understanding of important ideas through focusing on the Big Ideas of the program. The UbD framework provides a way to move from simply covering the curriculum to ensuring understanding. This is done through a process of learning that provides students with opportunities to investigate, explore, test, and verify important concepts. The key focus is on helping students learn how to transfer knowledge.

Student Edition

In every grade of Learning Journeys, there are five Student Editions, or modules, except for Grade 1, which has six. The Student Edition is the heart and soul of the program, in which all learning is centered round literature, as students read fiction and non-fiction texts. Compelling literature promotes critical thinking, cultural awareness, and offers an opportunity to apply new reading skills and strategies.

Big Question

Each module focuses on a Big Question that connects all reading, vocabulary, and writing
to help students reach a deeper level of understanding. This question guides students in
learning new concepts, literature, and skills. The Big Question always relates to Science or
Social Studies content, and promotes reflection.

Reading Selections

Each week, students read two texts: the Main Selection and the Paired Selection. This
allows learners an opportunity to read across texts and find support for different genres
such as biographies, fables, folk tales, fairy tales, and more.


The science program incorporated at the end of each module in Learning Journeys utilizes essential best practices in science instruction, featuring the UbD framework, the 5E Learning Cycle, and an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and 21st-century skills.