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Spark a lifelong love of reading

What is Bug Club?

What makes Bug Club so special?

Bug Club is your core reading programme from Reception to Year 6 (ages 4-11). It offers books and eBooks and an online learning world that is engaging and imaginative for your young readers. Shown by an independent study to:

  • encourage reluctant readers to read at home using the online reading world
  • increase reading enjoyment
  • develop skills, helping children make 30 months of reading progress in 18 months.

Read more about the independent study and the results.

What’s in Bug Club?

  • Finely-levelled reading books guaranteed to improve children’s reading attitudes. With a mixture of fiction, non-fiction and poetry readers, there is something for every child to get inspired and enjoy reading. All books come in print and eBook format and are finely-levelled so children can take small progression steps and feel rewarded.  
  • Teacher tools that help you save time including the online world where you can allocate eBooks to your pupils, see assessment results at a glance so you can track every child’s progress, and access the guided reading cards for group reading sessions.
  • An online reading world that your pupils will love. Children can read their allocated eBooks at school or at home and earn rewards as they read, to spend in their Bug Club world.  
  • span>An assessment toolkit for tracking pupils’ attainment and progression. Matched to Bug Club book bands, the online and printed assessment tests provide meaningful information to allow you to change your teaching as a result so every child progresses against the age-related expectations. 



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Customer Reviews

Kim Karnatz, Year 2 Teacher
Magister (The English International School),
24 March 2015

As an international school teacher, I have students entering Year 2 from all over the world with a wide range of previous educational experience and language ability. Bug Club gives me the flexibility to differentiate reading instruction throughout multiple leveled groups. Being able to track their progress in real time shows me what they are understanding and in turn, what they are struggling with, allowing me to quickly identify target areas of instruction. The children love having books right at their fingertips and I love how excited they get about reading. :)

Ciara Mooney, Miss
Winston Churchill,
24 March 2015

I use bug club as both a teacher and a family member. I have to say I love it. I can really see the improvement in my children when it is completed regularly and properly. Children enjoy the characters and the variety of stories means neither the children or I get bored. I would like a function that would allow the child to find the pronunciation of one word as oppose to the whole page. I like this 21st century take on reading. Thanks

Hassina Taimoor, Review
Bloomfield Hall,
31 March 2015

We introduced bug reading in current session and I am surprised to see the students' interest , they are very excited to have their own books in their accounts. It helps us to go gradually from picture depiction to phonics - from phonics to three letter words- and climb the ladder of reading skills. Along with reading it builds the comprehending skills through quizzes. It's simply superb!

Karina Contreras, Principal
Kipling Downtown School,
31 March 2015

Bug Club is a wonderful tool to change the children´s mind about reading as something tedious and transform it to the reality of reading as something fun, interactive, and challenging. Bug Club is a really good chance to create readers since early ages. Having it at our school has given us great benefits; students are switching their attitude towards reading and increasing their desire to read more often. Now they read for pleasure!!! Not only because the teachers assign it, students seem happy to enter to the website and start reading their books.

Anrew Crole, Mr
Rivonia Primary,
South Africa
1 April 2015

We're trying to build our culture of reading and a love of it again. We recognize, not only, it's importance as an essential building block, but that, if presented in a fun and strategic way, this love of learning can be achieved from an early age. We feel Bug Club has helped us achieved this, and our experience with the product and the company has been groundbreaking for our school. The attitude has always seemed to be to keep improving on what is offered, from the feedback that is valued to the support services that are offered. We're looking forward to future innovations!

Zeba Nasir, Principal
Bloomfield Hall Islamabad,
2 April 2015

Bug Club is a very comprehensive reading software which has truly transformed the reading habits of the students of my campus. It has very unique features like Book bands which are compatible to the students’ level. The phonics help my students to improve their accent and build up new vocabulary. They really enjoy the incentives which are given after reading. We have arranged a separate computer lab for bug club classes. The audio-visual aids have enhanced their creative writing skills too. We also give awards like “Reading Bug of the month” on the basis of performance. Recently my students of Class 3 & 4 participated in International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest and I am very glad to share that 4 of them got Gold medals. I would like to share the credit with Bug Club since reading is the basis of all other skills in a language. I just want to suggest that activities should be made more interesting and innovative so that they upturn and grab students’ interest. Overall Bug Club has influenced radically my students’ linguistic skills. Well done Bug Club team!! Zeba Nasir

Sidra Maqbool, Coordinator
Bloomfield Hall Sheikhupura,
3 April 2015

In my view,I found it very helpful and interesting for young kids who love to see colorful pictures and learn through fun.My students wait for their story lessons now and the good thing is that animated pictures games and videos have increased the eagerness to learn among young kids and raised curiosity in their minds. The cherish variety of new words.The brain storming activities help the teachers to be innovative in her ideas.Children also love to identify characters.This program has brought a drastic change in their pronunciation and speaking style.So overall a very good program.

Shahid Manzoor
Lahore Grammar School 59FCC,
3 April 2015

Bug Club gives the flexibility to the teachers to plan their reading instructions for different levels of book bands. It also helps us to go gradually from picture depiction to phonics, from phonics to three letter words, and climb the ladder of reading skills. Being able to track the students’ progress shows us what they understand and in turn, what they are struggling with. Teachers can then identify the target areas of instructions. Students enjoy the characters, the variety of stories and solving interesting quizzes which helps build the comprehending skills. Students love to open their own Bug Club accounts and they try to get maximum rewards, this leads them to read more and more.

Ayesha Kaneez, Bug Club reviw
Bloomfield Juniors,
3 April 2015

Reviewing can be a daunting task. I want to give my reviews about bug club as i found, its an awesome software for the initializing readers. We have just started the bug club reading during our session 2014-2015 and its giving marvellous results in improving the reading of the students up-till now. Its a comprehensive and accomplished software to boost up two basic skills (reading and listening) of the pupils. Children feel excited for the reading and activities (bug points) given in bug club books. Its not only helpful for the students but for the teacher as well. I would love to say that bug club has proved itself as a very good helper to raise the quality of reading of my students. Thank you bug club.

anila izhar
bloomfield juniors multan,
3 April 2015

Bug Club is a wonderful software which has developed the students` interest towards reading. The e-books are becoming more popular than the printed books among them. the attractive colourful pictures depict different characters which the students enjoy. They are not only learning accent, pronunciation and vocabulary but it is also the source of fun and amusement for them. The students are comprehending the stories and are eager to do activities given. Reading has now become a pleasure. Bug Club is increasing their desire of reading more often. It`s simply awesome. I love to see my students excited about reading. Thankyou Bug Club team

Uzma Chishti, Teacher
Bloomfield Hall Junior Multan,
4 April 2015

Being an innovation lover I was much delighted to see Bug Club in this session in my network. As I conduct English Language classes so I was already familiar with Pearson so surely it was most likely to get such an amazing reading programme that gives a spur to the students' interest in reading because they find all here what they want to see. In this computer era Bugs Club sprinkles interactive activities to check the comprehension level of the little reader on one hand, on the other it keeps fixing their phonics, accent and pronunciation giving them a nice and CHANGED IDIOLECT. This is Pearson's peerless launching in the form of Bugs Club because it is exactly according to children's psyche and they learn through fun. It keeps hooking their interest and keeps raising their reading standards. Bugs Club deserves kudos!

Saba Farooq, Reading Teacher
Bloomfield Hall Islamabad,
11 April 2015

As a teacher I would say that I love Bug Club, it has helped me a great deal in fulfilling my teaching challenges and fostering a love of reading in the electronic age. Children find it really entertaining and love to read from their personal accounts and have shown a great deal improvement in vocabulary and pronunciation. The fascinating characters in books consumed our kids attention and elevated their interest in reading plus the rewards are very captivating for them too. The multiple levelled groups/bands of books helped in systematic learning and made individual progress analysis more convenient. Its a stupendous program. Thumbs up Bug Club team