Echo (for year 7 starters)

Echo (for year 7 starters)

Digital Learning

Echo ActiveTeach

ActiveTeach’s innovative, interactive content is the perfect way of keeping the whole class with you during front-of-class activities. Navigate the pages of the on-screen books, zoom in on key activities and with all the audio for the Pupil Books hosted within ActiveTeach, you can do each listening activity at the click of a button!

  • Video launches into action from the pages of the Pupil Book, bringing each module to life.
  • Build your own lessons by dragging and dropping content from ActiveTeach or linking to your own resources.
  • Tools to highlight and add notes to the page – great for getting pupils involved front-of-class.
  • Listen to each listening activity quickly and easily at the click of a button.

Try the Echo Activeteach demo here to get a flavour of what ActiveTeach can bring to your lessons.