Echo (for year 7 starters)

Echo (for year 7 starters)


Echo 1 and 2 (Years 8 and 9)

Pupil Books

  • Provide clear grammatical progression and development of language skills in the context of lively and appealing content.
  • The short two-page units are motivating and accessible for the pupils and make lesson planning easy.
  • Contain differentiated activities to cater for a full range of abilities.


Teacher's Guides

  • These support the Pupil Books and match all activities to Framework objectives and National Curriculum levels.


Resource & Assessment Files

  • Provide photocopiable worksheets to support the Framework, including starters and thinking skills activities, so that you can be confident that you have everything you need to teach the Framework.


Workbook packs

  • There are two levels of Workbooks: Workbook A for reinforcement and B for extension, providing reading and writing activities for homework and cover work.
  • Progress and target-setting pages in the Workbooks provide thoroughly for Assessment for Learning.
  • Each write-in Workbook is sold as a pack of 8.


Audio CDs/Cassettes

  • These provide all the listening material needed to complete the activities in the Pupil Books. All the recordings are by native speakers.



  • Easy-to-use, full-colour, single-sided cards that help you teach and reinforce new language.


Colour OHT Files 

  • These give you a different way to provide lesson starters or introduce new language.



Seamlessly integrated with the course, Echo Elektro Pupil Activity & Teacher Presentation Packages  enhance language learning for Years 7 and 8.


Echo 3 (Year 9)

Echo 3 materials are differentiated by ability level. Rot materials cater for National Curriculum Levels 3-7, while Grün materials cater for National Curriculum Levels 1-5.


Two Pupil Books: Rot and Grün

  • They appeal to the maturity and interests of the Year 9 learner.
  • The content has been chosen not only to ensure complete coverage of the Framework objectives, but also to stimulate, motivate and interest pupils in Year 9 and to encourage them to continue with their study of German.


To support the Pupil Books, Echo 3 also provides:

  • Two Teacher's Guides: Rot and Grün. 
  • Two  Resource & Assessment Files: Rot and Grün. 
  • Two  Workbook packs: Rot and Grün. 
  • Two  Audio CD packs: Rot and Grün.
  • Echo Elektro 3 Teacher Presentation Package (covers both Rot and Grün).