3 reasons why Expo is the best choice for you and your pupils


1. The only course with a proven track record of motivating pupils and
raising attainment levels

With more schools using Expo than any other new Key Stage 3 course, there is a whole network of schools in your region to offer you advice and support.
And, not only does Expo motivate pupils, our continuing positive feedback from teachers proves that it also helps to improve pupils’ achievement at Key Stage 3.


2. Everything you need to teach the revised Programme of Study

Expo  follows the same popular structure that have teachers asked for – and now with new Teacher Guides and Resource & Assessment Files, it’s right up to date with recent curriculum change. 


3. A simpler solution for all ability levels

Not only does Expo deliver a practical and fun approach, it also engages all pupils – whatever their ability!


As the UK’s number one MFL publisher, we take our position seriously. We aim to provide our customers with the very best support for Expo .

  • Our website holds a lot of extra support materials for you, including matching charts, audio files, schemes of work – all FREE!
  • Sign up to our eNewsletters and receive regular updates to support you with changes to the
  • And, if you are still using Métro and don’t want to miss out on the new curriculum changes, try Expo – it’s got the same familiar structure as Métro but has been updated to incorporate the new Programme of Study.

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