Heinemann Explore Science New International Edition


All you need to plan and teach a science course

Heinemann Explore Science New International Edition is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, six-level science programme, designed specially for teachers and students at International schools studying the Cambridge International Examinations Primary Science Curriculum Framework.

Revised and updated, each level includes a Student Book, Workbook, Teacher’s Book and 6 new Science readers.

Updated for the New International edition:

  • 36 new Science readers (6 at each of the 6 Grades) which provide background science reading on the science topics
  • International focus with contexts, examples and activities relating to international schools
  • Support for ESL students with language levels in the Student books and Readers monitored at every stage by an ESL consultant

Grade 1

1.1 Ourselves and other animals

1.2 Growing plants 

1.3 Sorting and using materials

1.4 Forces 

1.5 Sound


Grade 2

2.1 Living things in the environment  

2.2 Materials

2.3 Light and dark    

2.4 Electricity

2.5 Earth and beyond  


Grade 3

3.1 Living and growing

3.2 Helping plants grow well

3.3 Characteristics of materials

3.4 Rocks and soils

3.5 Magnets and springs

3.6 Friction



Grade 4

4.1 Humans and animals

4.2 Living things in their environment

4.3 Keeping warm

4.4 Separating solids and liquids

4.5 Gases around us

4.6 Electricity

4.7 Sound


Grade 5

5.1 Microbes

5.2 Keeping healthy

5.3 Life cycles

5.4 Light

5.5 Changing state

5.6 The Earth and beyond


Grade 6

6.1 Interdependence and adaptation

6.2 Scientists

6.3 Humans

6.4 More about dissolving

6.5 Reversible and irreversible changes

6.6 Forces in action

6.7 Changing circuits

6.8 Enquiry in context


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