AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010


Whole course textbooks

  • The best value for money: textbooks covering the whole course, not year books or unit books.
  • Written by a team of senior examiners and practising teachers.
  • Unique three-book model, with clear on-page grading, helps students to achieve their best grade.
  • Complete course textbook for your middle sets.
  • ActiveTeach CD-ROM provides engaging teaching resources, including BBC Active video clips and interactive problem-solving activities.

Student Books – Unique 3-book model

Vibrant and eye-catching, these contemporary Student Books will appeal to students of all abilities, making progression and engagement as easy as possible.

  • The Higher Sets Student Book covers grades D to A*.
  • The Middle Sets Student Book covers grades E to B.
  • The Foundation Sets Student Book covers grades G to C.

Sample page from Middle Sets Student Book


Student Books

  • Graded objectives at the start of every chapter mirror the AQA specification.
  • A quick knowledge check highlights required prior learning.
  • Functional Skills pages focus on real life application of mathematical skills (see image)

Sample page from Higher Sets Student Book


ActiveTeach CDs

View the Student Book on a whiteboard with your class, while accessing a wide variety of exciting video clips, problem-solving interactives, quizzes and other features. The CDs include a VLE licence and all the files you need to ensure VLE compatibility.

  • BBC Active video clips provide an engaging start to lessons, and come with lesson notes and hand-outs to stimulate discussion and interest.
  • Exam Café provides a wide range of lesson plans, activities and hand-outs for front-of-class teaching during the crucial revision period.
  • Watch the examiner video clips give you and your students privileged access to how examiners mark papers, common pitfalls to avoid, and tips for picking up quick marks.

Write on any part of the Student Book and save your changes


Practice Books

Matching the Student Books to ensure homework setting is as easy as possible, these tailored practice books offer additional support for students of every ability.

  • A to A* and G to F Practice Books provide unique focus on top and bottom ability ranges.
  • A to A* book contains stretch-&-challenge to engage your brightest students and inspire them for A Level.
  • G to F book uses write-in format and offers tailored support for less able students.

Digital Editions

All of the Practice Books are available as digital editions allowing you to display questions and answers for front-of-class reviews of homework.

Teacher Guides

Written to support you through the teaching of the AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 specification, these Teacher Guides – one for Foundation, Middle and Higher Sets – come packed with activities for whole-class and individual work. They also include editable CDs so you can adapt the material to your own needs.

Assessment Pack

Covering both Foundation and Higher tiers, the Assessment Pack guides you through the AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 specification and provides complete clarity on the 2010 Assessment Objectives (AO2 and AO3).

The Assessment Pack includes:

  • Course entry tests to help set your students for the 2010 GCSE course.
  • Class tracker – enabling you to record students’ progress through the course and helping you make your decision about which tier to enter them into for the unit exams.
  • A free CD allowing you to edit all the materials included works alongside any ActiveTeach product you buy from the AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 series.

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