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Active Maths for Curriculum for Excellence

Heinemann Active Maths is an activity–led maths programme active learning at its heart. It puts current, real-life maths into manageable and meaningful classroom outcomes, helping you to successfully implement exciting and engaging maths for all of your learners.

  • Follow an active approach to maths teaching and learning with an emphasis on real-life contexts.
  • Engage your pupils with a bank of stimulating, varied and exciting interactive and print-based activities.
  • Help your children develop a concrete understanding of maths concepts through investigation and discussion.

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With Heinemann Active Maths you can:

  • Meet the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellencethrough manageable and achievable learning outcomes.
  • Follow an active approach to maths teaching and learning to really excite and engage your children.
  • Put yourself in control of your maths curriculum with a range of flexible teaching and learning resources that completely address the CfE philosophy.
  • Develop concrete understanding of maths concepts with a carefully planned progression from one outcome to the next and smooth transition between levels.


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