Longman 11-14 Biology, Chemistry Physics


Longman 11-14 Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Motivate, challenge and stretch able pupils

Designed specifically to motivate high attainers, these new editions of Longman 11-14 provide an academic, rigorous and in-depth approach to science.

Pupil Books

Fully updated to give 11-14 year olds the best preparation for GCSE, the Edexcel International GCSE or the Cambridge IGCSE, as well as satisfying the UK Key Stage 3 Programme of Study, these Pupil Books:

  • Engage and challenge your more able pupils with an academic, rigorous and in-depth approach.
  • Reflect the knowledge and skills pupils will need to demonstrate at GCSE and IGCSE/International GCSE to facilitate seamless progression.
  • Allow you to embed as much or as little How Science Works as you need.

Practical and Assessment Teacher Packs

Full of time-saving resources for you and your technicians, these new Practical and Assessment Teacher Packs include classwork and homework activities, teacher plans, and an array of assessment materials to help you effectively track your pupils’ progress.

  • End-of-chapter tests at two ability tiers, progression ladders and quick-fire questions allow for self-assessment.
  • Flexible long-term plans help you to deliver the course over two or three years.
  • Extension materials cater for the very able.

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