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Pearson International Schools Community

Who is it for?

The Pearson International Schools Community is an online community platform gathering and connecting educators at international schools around the world. Our members are passionate, engaged professionals working across all levels of curriculum and school leadership structures, keen to share their knowledge, experience, and best practice.

Why should you join?

New members join the community every day, and you too can also become part of a vibrant global network of over 1500 (and growing!) educators working in the international schools sector.

You can get involved with and contribute to the community in a number of ways:

  • Read the blog

The community blog features regular posts on a broad range of educational themes and topics, penned by Pearson’s own authors and experts, as well as independent academics and educators, teachers, community members and other practitioners in education.

  • Join a group

Special interest groups (e.g. by subject or issue) are the easiest way of finding teachers interested in similar topics or facing similar challenges. Moderated by group administrators, they provide a supportive environment for discussion, sharing concerns and ideas, or asking for suggestions and advice.

  • Post a Job ad - for free!

The community is the perfect forum for posting an ad for a vacancy in your school - a free service we provide to community members.

  • Share an article, a learning, or a reflection

Feel free to share useful links, information and ideas with the whole community. We also invite you to submit articles for the blog or for a specific group.

  • Network!

Your next career move or opportunity may be waiting for you on the community! You can connect with other members and message them directly.


So take a look around and sign up today to connect, share and learn from educators like you all across the globe.