Edexcel International GCSE


Edexcel International GCSE

Providing you with unrivalled support for the Edexcel International GCSE and Certificate

We publish a fantastic range of resources for the Edexcel specifications. We work with experienced authors and examiners to design resources that help to fulfil your students' potential. 

Written by experienced practitioners, our resources provide comprehensive preparation and support for Edexcel International GCSE.

  • Written in a clear, engaging style that all students will find easy to understand.
  • Activities and exercises for self-study, as well as exam-style questions and summaries to aid revision.
  • Engaging digital resources for additional learning and revision support.
  • Resources include: Student Books, Revision Guides, Practice Books, Audio CDs, Teacher's Books and extensive digital resources.

Customer Reviews

Praba nirmal
Sri Lanka
25 June 2015

it is good and nice . easy to get ideas

Subramanium Pandey, Master
Ryan International,
25 December 2015

Very very helpful..

Juana Pepa, Edexcel
Caxton college,
10 June 2016


yuri bettoni, teacher
norwich school,
United Kingdom
13 September 2016

very nice and easy to use helps me teach my children

Dwiau Hah, Ahha
United States
30 September 2016

Excellent book

Abid Ali, Teacher
University of Karachi,
17 October 2016

Very helpful as teacher

Muhammad Alam
16 November 2016

Its very helpful specially for parents who have not from the Science field to guide the children.

Saudi Arabia
11 December 2016

We can learn and understand It helps our in our studies

Ali Shaaban, Great
Doha British School,
11 March 2017

Excellent source for Answers for all Edexcel books

Vihini Gurusinghe
Sri Lanka
3 April 2017

Very Helpful.

British International School of Charlotte,
United States
9 June 2017

I found the answers very helpful for EOG tests. I wish all subjects had been included.

Rabiathul Hyr Abdul Kadher
Sayfol International School,
6 July 2017

This site is very useful and will be helpful to all O level students. I am very satisfied with this site.