Edexcel International GCSE

Edexcel International GCSE


Edexcel International GCSE and Certificate in History – 2nd edition

This is the second edition of Edexcel’s own resource for the latest specification of International GCSE and Certificate in History.

This book is designed to provide you with the best preparation possible for your examination:

  • Written by highly experienced History teachers.
  • Clear, engaging style that students will fi nd easy to understand.
  • Includes learning objectives, activities, Build Better Answers sections, carefully chosen source material, engaging historical photos and Exam Zone sections at the end of every unit.
  • Covers the following sections of the specifi cation: Development of dictatorship: Germany, 1918–45 (Paper 1, B5); A world divided: Superpower relations, 1945–62 (Paper 1, C8); A divided union: Civil rights in the USA, 1945–74 (Paper 1, C9); The USA, 1917–29 (Paper 2, A4); and The changing role of international organisations: the League and the UN (Paper 2, B3).


Author Biographies

Robin Bunce teaches History at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. He also edits the Twentieth Century History Review.

John Child worked in schools for over 30 years as a History teacher, deputy head teacher and head teacher, has written or contributed to over 20 school History textbooks. He has a History degree from Cambridge University.

Laura Gallagher teaches History at Long Road Sixth Form College in Cambridge. She also edits the Twentieth Century History Review. 

Jane Shuter is an ex-teacher who is now a full-time author. She has written a number of textbooks on Twentieth Century History.

Steve Waugh He taught History for over thirty years and was head of department for much of that time. 


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