New Star Science

New Star Science


Press Reviews

Tara Mawby, Primary Science Consultant

Primary Science, Sept/Oct 2009

'This series of resources [Six Minute Science (Years 3,4,5,6)], which is part of the Ginn New Star Science scheme, contains simple, but catchy experiments that can help to set the scene for a topic or to create a challenge for pupils... The activities themselves help to promote thinking and scientific discussion; they not only illustrate some science, but also a context in which it might happen in real life, with extension ideas too. For example, in the year 5 book, one of the 5E activities (QCA Earth, Sun and Moon) sets a challenge about eating against gravity, by hanging upside down. The thinking side of questions whether there are any bodily functions that might be influenced by gravity. This I can see being of particular fascination to children! As a busy teacher and consultant, I have found these books incredibly useful. I can find something very quickly that will fascinate most of the adults and children I work with, and get that all-important scientific discussion going.'


Neil Burton

'The ideas for rearranging the home corner into new and exciting environments are excellent, full of highly stimulating opportunities for Science to take place.'

Neil Burton

[Star Science] 'is one of only two schemes on the market at the moment that I would wholeheartedly recommend to schools'.

Anne Qualter, TES Teacher

'The themes can be covered in any order, however one route through the packs is provided to ensure good progression in skills.'


Pam Turnball, January 2005

TES Online

Ginn's New Star Science Interactive Activites and Experiments CD ROM uses engaging fun activities to stimulate 7-11 year olds. Many of the experiments employ virtual versions of experiments that can be a problem in the classroom and visualise concepts that are difficult for children. Add to this assessment activities, extension and homework ideas'


Lorraine Gribbon


"accurate, age appropriate and current. The CD-ROM and books cover the key vocabulary needed for teaching each science unit. It could be used as a revision resource to consolidate work already carried out in KS2 Science. "

"New Star Science Interactive Activities and Investigations 6 has been designed to stimulate scientific thinking. It follows the QCA Scheme and there are activities for each unit, including simulations, tasks, video clips and questions."


Customer Reviews

Colin Peyton, Scott Park Primary School, ICT Coordinator

"Since using New Star Science in the classroom this year the level of childrens' understanding and enjoyment of science has shown a marked improvement. The programs were easy to use and highly stimulating, providing the children with a firm platform to develop their understanding of key facts and concepts. The programs provided an opportunity for children of all levels to be motivated, thanks largely to bright, colourful and clearly labelled graphics. The fact that the programs can be used with Interactive Whiteboards makes them even more exciting, fun and accessible. Information is given informatively, providing the children with precise,accurate and relevant language."


Vicky Paton, Rose Hill Primary School, Oxford, Science Co-ordinator

User School Case Study

Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford use New Star Science from Foundation to Year 6. The school allocates 2 lessons per week to science and places great emphasis on practicals, including them in at least one lesson per week. 

Topic-based approach
We use all the units of New Star Science for all years, and have been using it for the past 3-4 years. I chose the programme because we felt that there was some overlap between our coverage of QCA topics and we felt that the topic-based approach of New Star Science would resolve those issues.

Clear structure and layout
It works well for us across the school. The structure is great because it lets individual teachers approach it in the way that best suits them and their class. The layout is clear, and the guidance in the Teacher's Notes is very good, particularly in terms of indicating potential pitfalls. The children like using the Pupil Books as well. I find that there is plenty of material to occupy the brighter sparks, which is a great plus.

Testing the software
Ginn approached us to try out Interactive Activities and Investigations in our classroom. We tried out all four years of the software and I found it very simple and easy to navigate. The children enjoyed the activities and thought the graphics were great. I found that it provided a good fit with topics covered by theNew Star Science units, and there were a good range of activities. There are some excellent activities for recapping and solid opportunities for use of fair test data.

The best science software
It's innovative, educational and fun! I really like the way it puts activities in context with the rest of the programme and the way it gives the teacher control in tacking the activities at the most appropriate pace for them.

Vicky Paton, Rose Hill Primary School, Science Coordinator

'It's innovative, educational and fun! I really like the way it puts activities in context with the rest of the programme and the way it gives the teacher control in tacking the activities at the most appropriate pace for them.'